Happy New Year Fam!

Wow, we made it! I hope your year is off to restful and healthy start. I’ve been gravitating towards books, lectures, and videos that emphasize the importance of allowing ourselves to heal and giving ourselves grace. I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions many years ago; instead opting for a broad layout of the direction I wanted my life to go in the new year. Soooo, basically a rebranding of New Year’s Resolutions ™ lol. (Hello vision board parties.) I recently came across a short video and then later a poignant quote about reframing the way we look at the “new year, new me” mindset.

So for this month’s newsletter, I wanted to share this message in hopes that it resonates with whomever needs it, and inspires you to extend grace to yourselves and others. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proactive about establishing goals during a time of collective transition, but for those of us who may not have been ready by the New Year, or still don’t quite know what direction they’d like to take this year, I offer you this.

Courtney Yellow Wolf Wilson-Graham of the Choctaw Nation writes:

“A gentle reminder that we are in Winter. If you don’t feel ready, prepared, or amped up for this new year right now, know that this is not the cycle of Nature. It is the cycle of capitalism. You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t’ have to have vision boards, resolutions, prayer circles, plans laid out on how to improve. Existing is enough.”

If you’ve heard other versions of this very idea, wonderful! I’m glad to add to the voices reinforcing this mantra and shift in cultural perspective. The New Year comes at such an interesting time for most of us in North America. Winter is a time of hibernation, marinating, pause, repose, and (if you think of deciduous trees) a regenerative death. So it makes sense that when the new year comes around, we would take this opportunity to continue our time of introspection, dormant dopeness, and just plain existing. It also makes sense that when Spring comes around, our motivation, inspiration, and goals begin to bloom and re-emerge like we see in Nature. My wish for you (and myself) in the first few months of this new year is rest, reset, and to just be.

I’m excited to be bringing some cool, interesting content to you this year, covering birth, postpartum, family planning, death, grief, mental health, and beautifully random things like this that I learn along the way. Next month, I’ll be talking about ways to cope with sudden, unexpected loss. Thanks for rocking with me yall!

With love,
Doula Jo

*January’s Book Rec: Tricia Hersey’s Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto aka the Nap Ministry