Every family deserves to feel empowered in their choices to birth. Everyone deserves the respect and care in their choice to terminate a pregnancy. Every person deserves to feel supported in growing their family via adoption and surrogacy. It takes a village and birthing folks and their families deserve rest, support, education, as they care for themselves and their baby or as they recover from pregnancy loss. As a full spectrum doula, these four tenets and core beliefs are what brought me to this work. Why are doulas necessary? Because we work with and for you, not for your medical providers, not for your medical institutions, YOU.

For so long, medical care has been more transactional than collaborative. And so we have generations of people who know very little about their bodies, their choices/rights, and the power that they have in coordinating their care.

My work is unique in that I bring my mental health background as a Clinical Social worker, my specialty with end of life, grief, and bereavement hospice work, and the indigenous herbal knowledge from my Haitian heritage. So not only do I provide the physical, emotional, and educational support to your experience, but I bring a whole knowledge base to help with your mental and physical health and healing. I’ve had the privilege of helping families all across the country, sometimes the same families multiple times and it’s exciting and different every time. Feel free to share with a friend who you think may benefit from my services.